Former teacher at York County School of Technology accused of fondling student

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YORK TWP., York County, PA. — A teacher at York County School of Technology is charged with institutional sexual assault and corruption of minors for allegedly fondling a student in the school store. Kevin Nagle, of MsSherrystown, is accused of assaulting the student after school on November 11th. According to court documents, the alleged victim’s mother was also present in the “Spart Mart” when the 17 year old student was buying a shirt. The victim thought he was a large and Nagle thought he should get a medium sized shirt.
The victim accompanied Nagle to the rear storage room of the store where he took off his shirt and tried on the large sized shirt. The victim told the school resource officer who took the complaint that at this point Nagle asked him if he wanted to be sized for pants. Nagle asked him if he was wearing underwear and the victim said, “No.” Nagle asked if he could pull down his pants to get a better measurement with tailor’s tape.
The victim stepped back out of the room and had a brief conversation with his mother and Mr. Nagle before going back into the storage room. This time, the victim says Nagle pulled down his pants without asking, exposing the victim’s genitals. To “measure his inseam,” Nagle allegedly touched the victim’s penis, moving it to the side. He repeated this on the other leg.
Nagle is alleged to have asked the student if he was cold or nervous, telling the boy he could talk to him; that they all had the same body parts.
After 30 minutes, the victim says he pulled his pants back up, left the room and rejoined his mother. A review of surveillance video confirms he was in the room with Nagle for 25 minutes.
York County School of Technology issued a statement on their website:
“The York County School of Technology was recently notified that criminal charges were filed against one of
its teachers, Mr. Nagle. Mr. Nagle is not currently reporting to work at York County School of Technology, and
he has not been in his teaching position since school officials were apprised of underlying allegations
associated with these charges. When school officials learned of these allegations, they were immediately
shared with the local police and all mandatory reporting processes were followed. York County School of
Technology has, and will continue to, fully cooperate with authorities in the investigation of this matter.
School officials have also received, and accepted, Mr. Nagle’s resignation from employment.”

The statement says Nagle’s resignation was on the November agenda, and unrelated to the incident. He had accepted a position at Bermudian Springs High School.
Bermudian Springs will be notified of the charges, according to the statement.

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