Facebook miracle for family of five

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A York County mother of five lost almost everything in a fire. They were in and out of motels and staying with friends for months until they finally got another place of their own this month. Their home would have been empty this Christmas, but one woman's Facebook post changed everything.

Jodie Adams just met her new neighbor Brandy Mayes when she realized how serious of a situation she and her family were in.

"They have nothing. They are sleeping on the floor. They have no furniture, they are sitting on the floor eating, sleeping, there's nothing, it's bare," Adams said.

She said she knew she had to do something, so she logged onto the Southern York County Facebook group page, asking complete strangers for help. But what happened next, nobody could have predicted. Within 24 hours, there were dozens of responses to her post. Less than one week later, she heard from more than 100 people offering everything from furniture and clothing to kitchen ware. One person even donated the use of his Uhaul business to get larger items right to Brandy's door. It was a response Brandy definitely didn't see coming.

"I have total strangers out here helping me when I have some family members that live here and don't even look twice at me," she said. Brandy also said that if it weren't for Jodie's one post online, she wouldn't have anything at all.

Jodie, however, says that the community is the real star this Christmas, because their generosity made the biggest impact.

"It gives me a new outlook on humanity and mankind because there is so much cruel in this world right now, it's awesome," Adams said.