Travelers hit the road this holiday season

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MANCHESTER TWP., Pa. - Millions of travelers are hitting the road this holiday season to see their loved ones.

According to a report from AAA, 93.6 million travelers will be on the nation's roadways during the holidays.

It's a number that caught Duane Spoon of Wrightsville off-guard, because it appeared to her that traffic wasn't too heavy Friday.

"It's not that bad, it's not like it is normally, no it really isn't, it's amazing," she said. "I couldn't believe it. Either people have traveled or traveling out of the area for Christmas, I have no idea, because Friday nights are crazy on [Route] 30 and it's not so terrible right now."

Others did not share her optimism about the levels of traffic.

"Bad over around the Galleria mall, it was pretty heavy, but then it was about 5 o'clock too so but I came back through there about 20 minutes ago and it was still pretty heavy," Scott Blake of Manchester Township said.

The weather is not expected to play too much of a role on the road conditions, but drivers are still on their guard to make sure they get to their destinations safely.

"I've got to look out for myself and the drivers around me," Rafael Melendez of York said. "Normally I do all the time; that's normal."

"Just because people [are] so focused on trying to get the gifts or whatever, it's a little dangerous, but I always drive safely," Bree Coleman of York added.

The Pennsylvania Turnpike is also expecting heavy volume this holiday season. More than 4.55 million vehicles are expected to travel on the turnpike this holiday season, according to the Turnpike Commission.

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