Nearly half of consumers plan to shop after-Christmas sales

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LOWER ALLEN TOWNSHIP, CUMBERLAND COUNTY, Pa. -- In many parts of the world, the day after Christmas is known as 'Boxing Day."

For many people the day after Christmas also means it's time to hit the sales at their favorite stores.

Many people flocked to the Capital City Mall on Monday for different reasons.

Shawna Riel said "shopping, after Christmas."

Melina Rodriguez said "I got cash."

For some shoppers, this was a day to get what they didn't already get from Santa.

David Simmons said "we have three teenagers, so they wanted to spend their gift cards. So, we're out here, trying to get them what they really want instead of what they really got for Christmas."

Many shoppers went to the mall looking for deals.

Nikolas Lukic said "there are a good amount of great deals, like my cousin got his dad a nice robe for Christmas."

"Victoria's Secret had a lot of good sales," Rodriguez said.

Timothy Sattazahn said "we're looking at a better mattress for our bed, so we're here for sleep number."

There is one thing some shoppers say they didn't find at the mall the day after Christmas.

"It's not busy at all, I was really surprised. I thought it would be so busy, I got up really early to come shopping, but there's nobody here," Riel said.

"But I thought there would be a lot more people here today, because kids are off school, and it's the holidays, gift cards and all that, but it's not that bad," Rodriguez said.

"Parking was terrible, but we got it," Sattazahn said.

The Nation Retail Federation said Saturday, December 17th, which was a week before Christmas Eve, was the biggest shopping day of the holiday season.

However, it's survey of shoppers revealed nearly 50 percent of consumers plan to shop after Christmas sales.

A report by American Express shows more shoppers are using mobile devices during the holiday season.  In 2015, 58 percent of shoppers used a mobile device to browse stores, compare prices or make their purchases, compared to 2016, in which three out of four shoppers used a mobile device.