Man tries to pay parking ticket with coins in Lancaster; payment refused

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LANCASTER, Pa.- Alfredo Santiago,34, from Lancaster got a parking ticket for parking at a bus stop. He says he went to pay the $20.00 ticket with coins and the clerk refused his payment. She told him the coins needed to be rolled. Santiago asked to see the policy, but instead a police officer came out to speak to him. Ultimately, he left the Lancaster City Treasurers Office without paying the ticket. He then contacted Lebanon County Lawyer, Scott Feeman.

"I indicated to him that based on my understanding of the law there is a federal statute that says any coins or currency maybe used to resolve debts. Those debts may include municipal fines or even taxes and that I thought his actions were appropriate," said Feeman.

Santiago has yet to pay his ticket.

"It's our intent to send a letter to the City Solicitor of Lancaster outlining my understanding of the law and explaining that Mr. Santiago will pay his $20.00 fine, next week, with the bag of coins he originally showed up with on the 19th," said Feeman.

A city representative told FOX43, in an email, that the situation has been resolved and the city has no further comment on the matter.

"He's said that the city has not reached out to him. I think the way to resolve it obviously would be for him to pay his fine in a legal way and that's his intent," said Feeman.

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