PAWS rescues animals from Halifax neglect home

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DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa. — The day after Christmas PAWS volunteers and Humane Police Officer, Ron Hollister, came together and rescued 18 cats, 3 ferrets, 1 dog, 1 turtle, and 1 rat from the Halifax home where parents, Brandi Jene and Joshua Ross Weyant, are facing criminal charges for allegedly abusing and neglecting their three children.

Joshua and Brandi Weyant

Joshua and Brandi Weyant

The animals were were given to PAWS and have all received a medical exam and are being treated for issues that resulted from various stages of neglect.  The ferrets were transferred to Forget-Me-Not-Ferret Rescue and the turtle is being cared for by a reptile rescuer.

The cats, dogs, and rat were examined by Dr. Samantha Slenbaker of Hershey Veterinary Hospital, and were found to be in fair condition.  The animals had a combination of fleas, intestinal parasites and ear mites.  Many of the cats are also sick with upper respiratory infections.

Once the animals have completed medical treatment, are spayed/neutered, and have fully recovered, they will be up for adoption through PAWS.

“PAWS is dedicated to helping animals in need and these animals clearly needed intervention. We went into the situation not knowing what we’d find since the reports on the children were so horrific. PAWS will make sure the animals receive the necessary
medical treatment and they will be available for adoption as soon as Dr. Slenbaker clears them,” Kathy Fitzkee, PAWS president.

“The condition of the residence was deplorable.  Animal abuse in the form of neglect is often one of the first indicators of distress in the household.  I encourage anyone to report suspected neglect.  In this instance it may have prevented the suffering and abuse of the children,” said Officer Hollister.

To report suspected animal cruelty you can contact your local humane society, police department or call the statewide animal abuse hotline, toll-free 866-601-SPCA.