Thousands enjoy milkshakes, exhibits and animals at the 101st Pa. Farm Show

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HARRISBURG, Pa. -- The 101st Pennsylvania Farm Show is officially underway in Harrisburg!

From the food to the animals, visitors from across the country come to enjoy the annual event.

"It's something I look forward to all year long," said Ashley Kipps, from Germantown, Md.

Thousands of people come to the farm show every year, and this year is no different.

They slurped the famous milkshakes, walk through exhibits and visit the animals.

Dale Rains has been coming since he was just 12 years old.

Rains said, "So that would be probably 35 years or better. My son will be the fourth generation of us that's been showing here."

He owns Rains Angus in Mercer, Pa. The farm show has been a major part of his life.

Rains said, "I met my wife here at the farm show years ago, and she showed the first supreme champion that was ever picked here in 1990."

Steven Herman has also shown cattle at the farm show for more than 20 years. He owns Double "B" Farm in Pa. He said it's a great way for the cattle owners to educate the public about the beef they buy and eat.

Herman said, "To know how these animals are taken care of when they go to the grocery store to buy their meats or whatever. Most people don't know where they're coming from or how they were raised."

But it's not just about the animals at the farm show.

Paula Prohaska, a visitor of the farm show from Ephrata, Pa., said, "If you're not someone who's into farming or into the agricultural sciences or anything like that, there is something for everybody. So interesting. There's so many interesting things here, and the food is great."

It's also about the people who come through the doors of the complex every year.

Rains said, "It's a place to meet and have that camaraderie with those people that you've known for decades down the road but you don't get to see all the time."

The farm show ends Saturday, January 14, so you still have plenty of time to check it out!

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