PA Turnpike tolls go up 6 percent

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HARRISBURG, Pa. -- It will now cost you more to drive on the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

Tolls went up 6 percent Sunday, but it won't stop many people throughout the state from traveling.

Sue Brookes from Feasterville, Pa., said, "It starts to hurt every now and again, but overall I think for the money it's still the best way getting back and forth across the state."

Officials with the PA Turnpike Commission said the change in price goes toward rebuilding and widening the turnpike.

Many people said the commission is doing the right thing by raising the price of travel.

Tim Elliott from Blue Bell, Pa., said, "There's increased traffic on it and I think that rider safety is really important to the turnpike."

Since 2009, the Turnpike Commission has raised the tolls once a year.
Many were optimistic about the change this year.

Brookes said, "Shorter term commuters get a higher toll a lot of times, so I'm not sure how it affects them yet. We're going back and forth to Pittsburgh, so it's not as bad of a difference over the whole mileage."

Some drivers decided to try to save a few dollars in any way they could.

Brookes said, "We did buy an E-ZPass today to take a little bit of the edge off."

The increase affects both E-ZPass and cash rates, but E-ZPass customers save as much as 35 percent on tolls.

Vincent Malloy from Bryn Mawr, Pa., is not too happy about the change.

Malloy said, "Just coming down from Harrisburg, it's going to cost me $10 almost $11 just to go home."

He wants the commission to find another way to get the money to improve the turnpike.

Malloy said, "I think it's a bad idea to have increased tolls. I don't know why they can't fix the roads without increasing the tolls."

Others said people just need time to let the adjustments sink in.

Elliott said, "When there's a change I think in pricing at any level there are always initial reactions. But I think as long as they continue to put out a good product, and I think they do on the turnpike, I don't think people will mind."

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