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Meet baby cow ‘Smooch’, the Farm Show’s newest (and youngest) main attraction

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HARRISBURG, Pa. -- Jazmine Markey knew her cow, Hershey, was pregnant and due any day.  With the 101st Pennsylvania Farm Show beginning on Saturday, she decided to take a chance.

Within hours of arriving in Harrisburg last Friday, Hershey, a 900-pound Texas Longhorn, gave birth to a 60-pound heifer. Her owners from York Springs, Adams County said it was Hershey's "kiss," so they named her Smooch.

"She's great," Markey said of the newborn cow. "And she's adorable."

As soon as word spread throughout the Farm Show Complex of its newest resident, Smooch became one of the weekend's biggest attractions. Families constantly stop by her stall, where she lays with mom.

"When people see Texas Longhorns, they're like 'Whoa!' because they're a rarity around here," Markey says. "Having (Smooch), it's a much easier way for kids to come up and teach them."

Markey, Smooch, and Hershey plan on returning home to York Springs on Monday night.