PennDOT and others prepare for winter weather in Central Pa.

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ARRISBURG, Pa. -- PennDOT and others throughout Central Pennsylvania are preparing for the winter weather coming through the area.

PennDOT salt truck drivers were working 12-hour shifts to treat the roads under these winter weather conditions.

Mike Crochunis, a PennDOT spokesman, said residual salts from previous snowfall would help prevent the roads from freezing.

Crochunis said, "Until those temperatures rise above freezing, we'll need to be out there treating the roadways. And the rain actually coming down is washing off what we're trying to do, so it's a balance and we gotta keep at it."

Pat Davis owns Hornung's True Value Hardware on Second Street in Harrisburg. For her, the wintry weather is good for business.

Davis said, "I feel sorry for other people that have businesses where people don't go out because of it. It affects them, but it's a great help for hardware stores."

Even though the snow we've seen so far this year, is nothing in comparison to last year, Davis said it's always good to be prepared.

Davis said, "Some ice melt in the back of your car is always good. If you get stuck, you can throw it on, you'll have to wait a bit until it melts but it might help you."

In Dauphin County, some school continued after school activities while others canceled them. No matter where you are going, PennDOT officials warn drivers to be prepared for icy conditions.

"If your destination is up north or down south you might want to delay travel or just sit tight until things blow over," Crochunis said.

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