Lancaster Co. DA’s office educates parents and children on dangers of social media

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EAST LAMPETER TWP., Pa. -- It can happen to anyone, one minute you post something online, the next it's all over the internet.

The Lancaster Co. DA's office is trying to prevent that from happening to your child.

And in this day and age, it's easier for people to find what they're looking for online.

Sarah Fritz, the community outreach coordinator for the DA's office, said, "A lot of adults and parent may not be aware of all the things that are out there and available for kids to get into, and even kids sometimes don't understand the some of the consequences of what they're doing."

Dozens of parents, like Grace English-Rohrer, whose children are in elementary school, came out to Conestoga Valley High School to learn how to be safe on social media.

English-Rohrer, said, "Considering the way the use of computers has advanced since I was in college. Just to keep them safe, I think that's important."

Lancaster County Assistant DA Janie Swinehart spoke about the importance of reporting illegal content and never posting personal information to social media. She also warned parents and children never to give their passwords out to anyone.

"Just minor information predators can put together who they are, where they are," Swinehart said.

She said it's a good idea to educate children on acts like sexting because they also can have a permanent effect on a child's life.

"Try going to college with this on your record. Try getting a job with that on your record," Swinehart said,