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Protecting Donald Trump: “Crime Watch Daily with Chris Hansen” behind-the-scenes look at Inauguration Day Security

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Walid Phares, one of Donald Trump's foreign policy advisers, says the President-elect is going to demand changes to the Iran nuclear agreement.

LOS ANGELES, Calif. — Dan Bongino wrote the book on life in the Secret Service and now he’s giving only Crime Watch Daily with Chris Hansen a rare look into what it’s like to protect the next president of the United States during his inauguration.  Called the “biggest dynamic threat enviroment” in history, Bongino tells Crime Watch Daily, “Donald Trump’s inauguration is going to be a massive security effort.  It’s a witches brew of security nightmares.”

Security concerns heightened in part due to increased protest activity.  “The protest activity during Trump’s campaign was particularly violent,” says Bongina.  The inauguration will harness the efforts of 36 sperarate law enforcement agencies, plus 3,000 additional police and 7,000 Natioonal Guardsmen, who will all employ what they call a “360-degree protective sphere.”

One of the nation’s top cybersecurity experts, Dr. Scott White, also weighs in on concerns during a sit-down with Special Correspondent Malcolm Nance.  “We’re involved with combating ISIS and they’ve made it very clear on their social media that they’re looking for individuals to strike,” says Scott.  Security teams also have a plan for what they call the “Big Six,” which includes “Tactical assaults, medical emergencies, chemical biological attacks, explosives, and airborne assaults.”  “It’s the Secret Service Super Bowl.  It’s probably the most dangerous event you’re going to be apart of, threat-level-wise.” says Bongino.

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Source: Crime Watch Daily