York Generals bring national championship title to city

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YORK, Pa. -- While some people are waiting to watch the Super Bowl, a football team in York is already bringing home a trophy.

The York Generals are officially the first semi-pro football team to win a national championship for the city.

The Generals pulled out a 30-23 win against the East Carolina Rams by a nail-biting touchdown.

"We made history," Javan Matthews, the owner of the team, said.

After only two seasons, the players said they are proud to be part of this team that went all the way to Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., to play in the Sunshine Bowl.

Matthews said, "To see the guys keep fighting, keep fighting and not give up. That was the best thing I could ever see."

Teammates said the win is also in honor of former linebacker Shannon Martin, who was shot and killed in August.

Raymond Henry, the cornerback/kicker, said, "He always made me laugh. He always had the good jokes, so it just means a lot that we went out there and we did that for him."

Elijah Porcher, defensive back/linebacker, said, "Through the struggles and tribulations we went through, sticking together, the ups and the downs through everything. It means a lot."

When they wear their jerseys, they don't see themselves as just a team on the field. They are a family.

Porcher said, "I've built brother-ships with a lot of these players. Some of these guys I played football with in high school, some I played recreational sports with, some guys I just met this year."

For the players it's about more than earning a bright, shiny trophy.

Robert Moore, the quarterback, said, "The kids, the city, you know to have something to look up to. Not just about football but off the football field too."

The Generals hope to bring home another championship to York, and pride to the city, next season.

If you would like to meet the players, you can go to Buffalo Wild Wings on January 28, to take pictures with them.

They are also holding a fundraiser on February 4 at Xtreme Archery.