Warmer weather not stopping skiers from hitting the slopes in York Co.

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WARRINGTON TWP., Pa. -- Although it's a bit warmer than usual this time of year, that's not stopping locals from skiing and snowboarding.

The Roundtop Mountain Resort in York County is still busy with people coming to enjoy the show, no matter the temperature.

Robert McWhorter, a skier from Emmitsburg, Md., said, "It can be just as fun you know when it's warmer out. You don't have to dress as warm."

Skiers said the snow is a different consistency, and under the layer of snow, ice is forming.

But visitors are making the most of it.

Lucas from Mechanicsburg, said, "It gets slushy and there's some ice chunks, and if you're going too fast you might trip over one."

The warmer weather wasn't the main concern for some people.

Victoria, from York, said, "I've got to say I don't really like the fog. It's just I can't see people if I'm going to crash into them."

This is a drastic difference from Snowstorm Jonas, which hit Central Pennsylvania this time last year.

Sam Krepps, the Roundtop Mountain Resort marketing and events coordinator, said, "That was a fateful weekend last year. Obviously not a winter storm this weekend but one of the big differences is people can actually get to the mountain this time."

Even though some enjoy the warmer weather, skiers said it's not a positive thing for the resort in the long run.

McWhorter said, "We're hoping for some cold weather so they can make some more snow because eventually it's going to be too many bare spots and it's going to not be so good."