Third man charged in connection to murder of York man last August

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YORK, PA. — A third man has been charged in the murder of Shannon Martin, the former York Generals football player found shot to death along I-83 last August. State Police charge Terrence Wintermyers with Murder of the Third Degree for his involvement in the botched home invasion robbery that led to Martin being shot and killed by Kevin Brightful.

Martin’s body was found on August 12th, 2016. Within a week, Brightful, and Luis Quinones were arrested.

Pennsylvania State Police say Martin’s life ended after meeting Kevin Brightful at this York City house early that Friday morning, after a confrontation occurred between the three. Brightful ended up shooting Martin multiple times. Brightful and Quinones took the body, put it in a garbage can, and drove it to the area and disposed of it where the body was found.

Brightful and Quinones went back to the residence in York City where it happened and tried to cover their tracks by cleaning up the scene and destroying evidence.

According to Court documents, Wintermyers found out from a romantic partner that Brightful had a large sum of money and a large quantity of marijuana. Wintermyers admitted to driving Martin to the area of South Queen St. and Harding Court in order to rob Brightful. He knew about the .40 caliber gun Martin was packing for the robbery.

Martin’s family noted that Wintermyers seemed excessively and prematurely concerned with Martin’s whereabouts and when he saw a news report about a body being found, he immediately called State Police and Martin’s sister speak to them to find out if the body was Martin. His family found this to be suspicious.

Wintermyers is also charged with robbery, illegal possession of a firearm and possession of instruments of crime.

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