Child with disability in York Co. gets surprise birthday party

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WEST MANCHESTER TWP., Pa. -- Nothing could wipe the smile off of Zachary Foller's face on his big day.

Robyn Foller, Zach's mother, said, "I just thought maybe a few cards - not a big party like this."

Zach has Asperger syndrome, and this year his mom wanted to make his birthday extra special.

She said two years ago he had a party, but nobody came.

"I asked him what he wanted to do for his birthday, and he's like, 'What's the point? Nobody shows up,'" Foller said.

This year she created a Facebook event for a card shower for Zach's special day.

The Shiloh American Legion in York County heard about the event and decided to throw Zach a party with gifts, and of course, cake.

Larry Julius, the president of Shiloh American Legion, said, "It's good to see some really positive things for the kids these days. There's so much going against them and it's just nice to see the smile and the community come together like this for them."

It was all a surprise to Zach.

Zach said, "Nobody told me about this. I thought I was just going to go grab some grub with my grandpa."

His mom and friends didn't know that so many people who didn't even know Zach would turn out for his big day.

Garrett Hicks, his close friend, said, "I'm actually amazed because it just goes to show how much a person can care for another person."

Later Zach got yet another surprise.

Cars that look like the ones in the movie "Transformers" also came to join in on the celebration.

Brian Renner, who organized the event, said, "Just seeing him smile,hearing him say that he was dreaming, that was just it right there."

Zach got to go for a ride in the truck resembling Optimus Prime. The 13 year old said it means a lot that so many people came out to celebrate.

"Ever since my grandma died recently about a week ago, it's been really sad for me and really tough for me to toughen up. So, this is really helping me out to get through."

His mom said this will be one birthday he will never forget.

Robyn Foller said, "There's good people out there that don't care about a disability - that don't care about how you act. It's what it is on the inside."

But she said Zach shouldn't expect a birthday celebration like this every year.

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