DHS watchdog announces review of Trump’s travel ban

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WASHINGTON– The Department of Homeland Security Office of Inspector General announced late Wednesday that it would “review DHS’ implementation” of President Donald Trump’s controversial executive order instituting a temporary travel ban on seven majority-Muslim countries.

The inspector general’s office said that the review was “initiated in response to congressional requests and whistleblower and hotline complaints” — a reflection of the heated public backlash that erupted after Trump’s order was announced.

The statement added that the review would include an examination of “DHS’s adherence to court orders and allegations of individual misconduct on the part of DHS personnel.”

The review follows widespread protests over Trump’s executive order and allegations of unlawful detentions by officials who began enforcing the order immediately after its announcement. As a result of confusion and conflicting guidance, the ban snared green card holders and people with valid visas alike. Some travelers who were in the air when Trump signed the order weren’t able to enter the country when they landed. Some were detained. Others were sent back to where they flew in from.

By Saturday night a federal judge had temporarily and partially blocked Trump’s order.

But despite the outcry, Trump said he felt the implementation of the order “was working out very nicely.” The President has also said while there’s “compassion to those fleeing oppression,” his first priority was to keep the nation safe.

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