Police: ‘Grab and Go’ robberies ‘uncommon’ in Cumberland County

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LOWER ALLEN TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Police in Cumberland County are looking for a man they suspect could be involved in two unusual robberies.

What’s so unusual about the robberies is their location and how easily the suspect could rob the gas stations involved.

This man is the alleged robber who hit up the two gas stations in two nights, but he's no ordinary crook; police say he came into the Exxon on Gettysburg Road just as any customer would and asked the clerk for a dollar in change.

That’s when police say he reached across the countertop, grabbed $160.00 from the register, and fled.

"It’s uncommon. This is, I'm sure it's not a new technique, but it's not a common technique. Typically, there's a threat of force or some kind of weapon presented or implied,” said Captain Leon Crone of Lower Allen Township Police.

What makes it more uncommon is how close the gas station is to Lower Allen Township Police, less than 500 feet away, according to GPS.

"They're either geniuses or not very smart, you know? Hopefully, they get caught because it’s a nice area and stuff like that doesn't happen around here,” said Patrick Scully of Lemoyne.

One day later, police believe the same man grabbed and dashed again, just a mile and a half away at the Gulf Gas Station on Simpson Ferry Road.

But that worker fought back.

"Ultimately, he pushed her down and out of the way, grabbed and unknown amount of money, and fled also,” added Captain Crone.

One neighbor has lived in the area for 60 years and says the robbery is unusual.

"I’m surprised that there was any kind of anything out of the ordinary, but I’m happy that you told me. I'll be more alert,” said Mary Bennett of Mechanicsburg.

Police say the suspect fled from the Gulf Station in a black pickup truck. They advise convenience store workers to be aware of the ‘grab and go’ lure.

Police say a third, similar robbery in Hampton Township may be linked to the same suspect. Police have yet to find the man involved in the Lower Allen Township ‘grab and go’ robberies.

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