Stella the skunk picks the Super Bowl winner at ZooAmerica

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DERRY TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Choosing which team will win the Super Bowl is not as black and white as you may think.

Stella the skunk from ZooAmerica will predict who will win Super Bowl LI by painting a masterpiece in that team's colors.

Laura Bircher, an education aid at ZooAmerica, said, "She's not going to be painting a landscape or anything like that but she does like to do a little bit of finger painting."

OK, so maybe not a masterpiece, but a painting nonetheless. Stella has a big decision to make: the New England Patriots or the Atlanta Falcons?

Bircher said this is more than fun, it's a mental and physical exercise for the skunk.

"When we paint, we would actually be tapping, and she would be following the tapping to go where we asked her today. But today she gets to choose. So hopefully she'll pick the right one for everybody," Bircher said.

So, will she pick red, white and blue for the Pats? Or red and black for the Falcons?

Stella ended up picking the Falcons colors! Sorry Patriots fans!

If you are betting on the game based off Stella's predictions, you have a decent chance. She's done this twice before and got it right once.

"I will warn you that skunks have very poor eyesight," Bircher said. "So colors are not something she pays a lot of attention to. So I wouldn't necessarily put your life savings on which one she chooses. But you never know stranger things have happened."



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