York County pizza restaurant tackles crowds on Super Bowl Sunday

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SPRINGETTSBURY TOWNSHIP, YORK COUNTY, Pa. -- Super Bowl Sunday means it's all hands on dough at Marcello's Pizza, which is ready to tackle the crowds.

At Marcello's Pizza in Springettsbury Township, Super Bowl Sunday has everyone in the kitchen on top of their game.

For Marcello's Pizza owner Daniela Mannino, it means starting the day with a game plan.

“We just come in early, we are very well staffed, we have a wonderful staff and just come in as early as possible and just be as ready as possible,” Mannino said.

After all, Super Bowl Sunday can deliver big business for this restaurant, which specializes in football fan favorites.

“We're running specials. We always end up getting new customers on the day of, but it's usually our regular crowd. Just all in one day, all at once, because it is a big family event, for people to get together, and this is the place to call for pizza and wings,” Mannino said.

With so many different flavors to choose from, variety seems to be the spice of life for this popular order.

Football fan Frank Ebner said “wings, I love wings.”

Football fan Jeff Glass said “I just love all the different flavors you can make with them. There's probably dozens of different flavors that we enjoy doing different.”

“Wings and football go together. It's a natural fit,” Ebner said.

On this particular Super Bowl Sunday, customers may order something new on the side.

“We actually deliver beer. This is our only location that does deliver beer, so that is something that we have for our customers,” Mannino said.

Most hungry fans choose pizza or wings off the menu, but what about the favorites in the game?

“Well you know, that was a tough one. Not really, I'm definitely pulling for Atlanta,” Ebner said.

“The falcons, of course,” Glass said.

FOX 43 News didn’t find any Patriots fans at the restaurant, so we asked Daniela who she's hoping to win.

“I don't even know who's playing. I'm terrible. I know nothing about sports,” Mannino said.

The team at Marcello’s does know how to deliver the right stuff for Super Bowl Sunday.

“We are prepared. We've done this for 25 years now, so I think we have it down,” Mannino said.

Football fans might not agree on whether to root for the Patriots or the falcons to win, but at Marcello's, if you pick pizza, wings or subs on Super Bowl Sunday, you can't lose.

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