Weyant children “thriving” as Halifax parents waive hearing

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DAUPHIN, Pa. -- Josh and Brandi Weyant, the parents of three young children they are accused of nearly starving to death, waived their preliminary hearing on Monday and could face a trial.

The Weyants are charged with child endangerment, unlawful imprisonment, and aggravated assault. Police and Children & Youth Service workers found their three kids, ages 4, 5, and 6, malnourished and emaciated inside the family's Halifax home on December 16. Josh and Brandi were arrested one week later.

According to the police report, a doctor at Penn State Hershey Medical claimed the children were within two weeks of dying.

When asked if they were guilty or not guilty of the crimes of which they are charged, Josh responded, "None of your (expletive) business."

Chief Deputy District Attorney Jennifer Gettle said had the couple gone forward with the trial, prosecutors were prepared to show pictures as evidence showing the state the children were in when police and CYS workers found them, said .

"A picture is worth one thousand words," Gettle said. "(The kids) looked like they had just walked out of a concentration camp."

Six weeks since they were taken from the home, Gettle said the three Weyant children are improving every day in CYS care.

"They are doing much better. They are thriving. All three are out of the hospital. All three are out of the hospital and have doubled their weight," Gettle said.

When police found the children in December, she added, their bedroom was empty, with no beds, no toys, and paint chipping off the walls. This was in stark contrast to a few days later, when pictures from inside the home, Gettle said, showed a bedroom with items on the floor.

The Weyants also chose to waive their formal arraignment. Their next scheduled court appearance is in May at the Dauphin County Courthouse Court of Common Pleas.