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Great American Outdoor Show gives exhibitors exposure, more business

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HARRISBURG, Pa. -- Vendors from across Pennsylvania benefit in more ways than one from the Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg.

One of those exhibitors is Whispering Hollow, an exotic hunting preserve in Clearville, Pa.

Shawn Dicken, the primary hunting guide, said, "It's good but it's long, and we get probably 50 percent of our business here."

Hundreds of thousands of visitors from across the country come to see gun manufacturers and outfitters, and even to buy the famous food.

And I'm not talking about the milkshakes.

Steve Walter, with Peter Peppers Pickles, said, "We have people from Wisconsin, Wyoming, Texas, and they come here specifically when they're here to get pickles because they had them last year and they enjoyed them."

For others, like the Big 5 Lodge from Three Springs, Pa., it's about more than the business they drum in.

Anthony Florance, the owner of Big 5 Lodge, said, "We're constantly busy when we're here because people don't get to see stuff like this all the time. But it helps get our name out there to the public more than anything. Not necessarily that we book more people here, but they know we exist."

Craig Butler, who owns Butler's Taxidermy in Nicholson, Pa., with his father, Jeffrey Butler.

Butler said, "I talked to some outfitters, and hopefully they'll send some work our way, and hopefully we'll get some work from just the regular guys walking around and enjoying the show."

This is the first year Butler's Taxidermy came to the show. Their goal is to expand their company.

Jeffrey Butler said, "Because it was just me and the taxidermy shop, and now my boys are helping out with the taxidermy shop. And we have to generate more work to provide more income."

They plan to come back for more next year.

Craig said, "I applied for a bigger booth, a 10 by 20, so we can put a little better display on."

The show wraps up Sunday at 5 p.m., so if you missed out on any of the vendors we showed you, you still have time to go check them out.