New Cumberland man accused of abusing 3-year-old boy

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Jeremiah S. Musser

NEW CUMBERLAND, CUMBERLAND COUNTY, Pa.–A New Cumberland man was arrested Wednesday after a 3-year-old boy was hospitalized after he hit him in the head, according to court documents.

Jeremiah S. Musser, 36, is charged with aggravated assault, simple assault and endangering the welfare of children.

The investigation into Musser began on February 3 after Fairview Township Police Department was contacted by York County Children and Youth in reference to suspected child abuse case at Carlisle Regional Medical Center.

The boy’s mother and Musser brought the child to the hospital to be evaluated after Musser claimed the boy had fallen while in his care at a New Cumberland apartment, according to the criminal complaint.

Police said the boy’s mother was away at work when the incident happened

Musser initially claimed the boy had fallen while he was watching TV in another room, according to the criminal complaint. When Musser picked the child up off the ground, he said he saw a lump and bruises on the boy’s head and called the boy’s mother.

A hospital physician told authorities he did not believe the boy’s injuries were consistent with a fall inside the home. The doctor observed several bruises, abrasions and contusions to the child’s head and body, according to court documents.

During an interview with police on February 7–Musser admitted to hitting the boy in his head and lying about it because he did not want to get into trouble, court records state.

Musser was arraigned Wednesday on $25,000 bail.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for February 22.