Coroner identifies woman killed in crash into a York County home

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YORK TOWNSHIP, YORK COUNTY, Pa. -- One woman is dead after a single vehicle crash into a house in York county.

The York County coroner identified the driver as 63-year-old Karen Sue Warner of Windsor Township.

Warner was thrown from her car and pronounced dead on the scene, while the crash shut down parts of Cape Horn Road, between Lombard Road and Prospect Street, in York Township for nearly four hours.

Tire tracks mark the spot where police say the driver hit a mailbox, then a pole, while missing one house and crashing into another.

Neighbor Evelyn Brouse said "I was in the kitchen, and I heard this 'bang, bang, bang.' We have so many 18-wheelers coming down here, so I just thought it was an 18-wheeler, no big deal. Then, all of a sudden I hear the siren. I look outside, and 'oh my gosh.' When I looked down there, and I ask the fellow, 'my gosh, is she dead,' and he said yeah."

Investigators said the fatal crash happened on Cape Horn Road, near Winners Circle road around 8:30 Friday morning. It was just a few feet from Brouse's front door.

"A little bit closer, they would have gotten my car and gone right through my house," Brouse said.

The crash was a loud wake-up call for the two people at home, but they were not hurt when the SUV hit the corner of their house.

Co-Del Construction President Wayne Sechrist said "which was the strongest part of the house. It was also a brick house. It's repairable."

"It will take a good bit of work to restore the framing, the brick, the interior," Sechrist added.

The damage to material items is the least of one neighbor's concerns.

"I'm sad for the person that this happened to, but I have two grandchildren. I'm sorry, if this would have happened to my house, I would have lost my grandchildren. I don't think I could live with that," Brouse said.

The York County Coroner said no autopsy will be performed on Warner.

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