Jury convicts Pennsylvania State Trooper who kicked handcuffed man in head

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HARRISBURG, Pa. —  Suspended state Trooper Ryan Luckenbaugh was convicted of simple assault and official oppression, according to Senior Deputy District Attorney Stephen Zawisky.

The charges that Luckenbaugh was convicted of carry penalties that range from probation to prison time. His sentencing date is April 18.

The conviction comes after Luckenbaugh kicked a handcuffed man in the head in May of 2015.

On May, 16 2015 Christopher Siennick was arrested along Locust St. in Harrisburg by Luckenbaugh and Trooper Michael Trotta on disorderly conduct charges.

The affidavit from the arrest said Siennick spat at the police car, threw an object at the car, resisted arrest and smelled of alcohol.

But a video shown by the prosecutor didn’t match the affidavit.

Prosecution argued in court that Luckenbaugh lied in his affidavit. Part of the encounter between the troopers and Siennick was captured on camera.  The video shows Luckenbaugh lunging at Siennick and kicking him in the face.

The video doesn’t show Siennick committing some of the crimes. The prosecution said the problem is Luckenbaugh used his power of authority to lie about what happened that night.

Trotta was later fired for other misconduct. Luckenbaugh is suspended without pay, it is undetermined if he will be terminated.

The video can be seen below.

WARNING: This video contains adult language






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