Inclusive playground for kids with disabilities coming to Lancaster Co.

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WARWICK TOWNSHIP, LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. -- A playground that will soon be open in Lancaster County is designed to be inclusive for all children, including those with disabilities.

Linear Park in Warwick Township will soon have equipment that youngsters of all ability levels can use, and it may be the first of its kind in the area.

Derek Hummer with Lititz AMBUCS, said, "It was always a dream of ours to have a place where all kids can play together. Not for just disabled kids and not just for other kids. Just a place for everybody to interact."

AMBUCS is a nonprofit organization that helps people with disabilities.

Hummer said it will be called Harmony Playground and will include pieces from a glider that can fit wheelchairs to musical equipment.

The first piece, a swing designed to help kids with limited mobility, has already been installed.

Parents who go to the park think the additions are a great idea.

Daina Zook, from Lititz, said, "So if this park is going to allow children with disabilities to come, it'll develop an awareness and I think an acceptance for kids to know that children of all sizes and of all abilities need a beautiful place to come and play."

Andre Ellis, from Lititz, said, "It's great to be able to include them and you know help them to be able to come out here and get some sun and have some fun."

The project was approved by township leaders in November.

Visitors of the park said it's not often that they see a child with a disability come to play.

Zook said, "We noticed someone in a wheelchair and they were actually on the new swing. So that was actually kind of neat to see. I have a four year old and he was very intrigued by that and so it was a neat conversation starter for us."

Hummer said, "As we get the money, we are buying pieces and having Warwick Township put them in. The grand opening should be Mother's Day 2017."

AMBUCS needed to raise about $80,000 and has received about $30,000 in donations so far.

Hummer said, "It's just amazing to me the support we're getting and the funds that people are donating."

If you would like to make a donation to the Harmony Playground click here.

To visit their Facebook page, click here.

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