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Argument over pot pie erupts, York man attacks father with ax

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SPRINGETTSBURY TOWNSHIP, YORK, Pa.– A York man is facing charges after attacking his father with an ax over an argument about pot pie.

Kevin Blanch, 31, is facing charges of criminal attempt to commit homicide, aggravated assault, and simple assault among other charges.

On February 19 at approximately 1:40 p.m., police responded to the 4000 block of Old Orchard Road for a reported domestic dispute that involved an ax.

Upon arrival, police found the victim, Dennis Blanch, standing outside the residence with a ripped shirt and blood on his hands, neck and chest area. Blanch told police that his son, Kevin Blanch, attacked him with an ax.

The elder Blanch was taken to the hospital for treatment after turning over the weapons used in the attack, black M48 Tomahawk ax and a knife, to officers.

Officers were able to find Kevin Blanch near Stonewood Park and take him into custody.

After waiving his Miranda rights, Kevin Blanch told police that earlier last evening, he had made pot pie with his brothers, and got into an altercation with his mother about taking too much and not leaving enough for the others to eat.

Kevin Blanch said that he woke up on February 19 at about 1:00 p.m., and that his father had asked to speak with him for a minute. Blanch said that he ignored his father’s request to speak, and walked past him into his bedroom. However, Blanch’s father remained in the hallway, blocking his path of travel.

Kevin Blanch told police that he asked his father to move several times, but he refused. At this time, Blanch went into his bedroom and picked up the Tomahawk throwing ax. At this point, Blanch told police that his father challenged him to “Do It.”

Blanch proceeded to take his ax and swing it, while aiming for his fathers’s neck and shoulder area. His father grabbed the ax and a struggle ensued between the two.

During the struggle, Kevin Blanch kept one hand on the ax and used his other hand to punch his father in the head before attempting to get a knife out of its sheath on his belt. However, Blanch’s father grabbed the knife before he could get it.

Blanch told police that he aimed to “end things quickly” by slicing his father’s throat. He said that he wanted to “neutralize the threat” and that was the one thing he remembered from his military training.

Now, Blanch will face charges.