Ask Evan: “Can you tell me why the women who anchor FOX43, why they have to wear so much makeup?”

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Bev S sent me an email asking in part, 'My dearest Evan, perhaps you can tell me why the women who anchor FOX43, meaning Amy, Melanie, Jackie and most of all Ali, why, why they have to wear so much makeup? I mean really, their eyelashes look so phony and ridiculous that I can`t stand looking at them. I have to listen to them from another room.”

Well Bev, the short answer is, they want to look good! Everybody wants to look as good as possible. Whether it's anchoring television news or teaching or going out for dinner. But you see, we have an extra problem working in TV land. Without makeup, or with not enough makeup, we people on TV tend to look like cadavers.

Seriously, the lights and cameras are harsh, and the only way to deal with that is makeup. And it`s not just the women. Pretty much everyone on television wears makeup. Todd and I wear makeup too.  And yes, we have to apply it ourselves! No makeup artists here.  It`s just part of the job. It keeps you the viewer from saying, “Ooh.  He looks dead.” Essentially, wearing the appropriate amount of makeup reduces the harshness of the studio lights and eliminates the 'I look like a cadaver effect.'

You also asked about the fake eyelashes. Yes, many of the ladies here do use lash enhancements as do many many others in television news along with others not in television including teachers, bank tellers, accountants, bartenders, doctors. Plenty of people choose to wear eyelashes.  Again, personal preference.

You specifically referenced our morning anchor Melanie Orlins. You wrote, ' Melanie keeps closing her eyes when she talks probably because her eyelashes are so huge.'  You ask the question, and I find you answers.  The answer is-- Mel’s eyelashes are real!  I guess she just happens to close her eyes from time to time. But, keep in mind, Mel and Amy are here at 2am each morning so they may be moving a little more slowly than the rest of us? Maybe?

You also wrote 'those Barbie dolls act like they are in a beauty pageant.' I’m assuming that wasn`t meant as a compliment? By the way, Barbie dolls have been around since 1959. That`s almost 60 years of being extremely popular and loved by millions. So from where I sit, there`s nothing wrong with being a Barbie doll. Especially a smart professional one with a college journalism education and a number of years of news reporting experience. Plus, if they are all Barbies, does that make me Ken?  A topic for a future ‘Ask Evan’ I assume!

With makeup, without makeup.  With too much makeup, with too little makeup, all the female news anchors here work hard and are dedicated to doing the best job for our viewers. Bev, thanks for the question.  Seriously, I thank you. We all thank you for watching. Or as you stated in your email, ‘listening from another room as to not see all the makeup and eyelashes.’

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