Lancaster man called ‘menace to society’ set to serve up to 40 years in prison

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LANCASTER, Pa.– A Lancaster man is set to serve up to 40 years in prison for stabbing a woman at least 15 times.

Israel Polanco-Cano, 35, was convicted at trial last year of attempted murder and aggravated assault after the October 2, 2015 attack.

First Assistant District Attorney Christopher Larsen called Polanco-Cano a “menace to society” who was paroled from prison just five weeks before the October 2015 attack.

Polanco-Cano served over a year in prison for stabbing a man in line for a free meal at a city church in 2013.

However, in the October 2015 attack, it is unclear why Polanco-Cano attacked and stabbed the woman in the head, back, chest and arms.

Larsen told Judge Merrill Spahn that this made the incident even more frightening, and that he needed to be removed from the streets.

Judge Spahn agreed, and sentenced Polanco-Cano to serve 16-40 years in prison.