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Boy faces charges for allegedly making cyber threats in Lancaster County

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MANHEIM TOWNSHIP, Pa. - In Manheim Township, a young girl informed her dad she was being threatened by a boy through the app, Snapchat. In part the messages demanded she send nude photos or he threatened to rape her. He further went onto threaten her family. Her dad, acting as her, continued talking to the boy and trying to get them to meet. The boy refused. The victim's dad  ultimately called police. Charges have been filed by the District Attorney.

In a statement the Lancaster County District Attorney said," We are restricted by the Pa. Juvenile Act on what we can release. However, we can state appropriate charges have been filed."

A judge within the juvenile court process will decide what happens next.

The District Attorney's statement also said, "The safety of other students is being monitored and addressed by the school district and police department. We are confident those agencies have taken proper steps all along and will continue to do so even if they too are restricted in their ability to release details."

As a result of the threats parents within the Manheim Township School District planned an anti-cyber bullying rally. More than 50 people wore blue, the color of bullying awareness, to the rally at Overlook Park to discuss the issue and learn more about what to do if your child becomes a victim.


"Don't be quiet. Stand-up. Be unafraid. Be like every other kid who came and said something to their parents or said to the teacher or said something to a friend or whomever. Don't bend to someone's will and keep your mouth shut. Stand-up for yourself. Stand-up for your friends if you see this happening. Our message is to not be afraid," said the victim's dad.