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State Police plan new barracks in Cumberland County

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SOUTH MIDDLETON TWP., Pa - The Pennsylvania State Police has provided final plans for a new barracks to be approved by township officials.

The new barracks would be built on an almost five-acre plot of land on the corner of Dunwoody Drive and Alexander Spring Road, about a quarter-mile from the current barracks on Commerce Avenue, so it would still be close to Interstate 81 and near the Carlisle area.

"This is good news for them and for us," Tom Faley, one of the members of the South Middleton Township Board of Supervisors, said Friday. "There was a rumor that they were going to move. This rumor has been going around for two or three years, but there were no particulars."

State police say the move would be a needed one.

"All indications are that the Carlisle Barracks is just running out of room for the staff and the equipment that are there, and so we started looking for a larger spot," Ryan Tarkowski, communications director for the Pennsylvania State Police, said. "It's still very early in the process. The current lease runs through the end of November of 2018."

The state police also provide police services to South Middleton Township, which made keeping the barracks in town a high priority for township leaders.

"When a call is made into them on a crime or an accident, lo and behold, they're just a stone's throw, whereas if they were further south in a township further down on 81, it takes more time to get here," Faley said. "It's like having your own local police, and they do it so well."

The township's planning commission will review and vote on the plans as early as next month, with township supervisors having the final say on the plan after that.