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Couple found living in disgustingly filthy home with toddler

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DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa.- A routine welfare check leads to an Endangering Welfare of Children charge against a Grantville couple. Pennsylvania State Police went to the couple’s home on the 300 block of Waco Drive on February 19th after receiving information that there was drug use in the residence with children present.

Once inside Troopers saw extremely hazardous conditions that included garbage, items in various states of disrepair, animal food, decaying food scraps, dirty dishes, animal feces, bathrooms filled with excrement and garbage, the kitchen sink full of dirty dishes and stagnant water. They saw space heaters that created a fire hazard, exposed wires and broken light fixtures as well as holes in the walls and celings.

Police then arrested 28-year-old Shawn Michael Elliott, and 21-year-old Keyayra Salome Champlin. A 2-year-old child was also found living with them. According to police Elliott and Champlin had previously been charged with Endangering Welfare of Children.

Elliott and Champlin face a preliminary hearing in early March on the charge.