Maple Donuts prepares for thousands on Fastnacht Day

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YORK, Pa., -- Maple Donuts in York is preparing to sell thousands of fried donuts on Tuesday for Fastnacht Day.

The annual Pennsylvania Dutch tradition happens every year the day before lent begins.

This year, managers say they've been preparing for weeks to meet the demand of customers. They started selling fastnachts on Sunday, but say the major lines will occur on Tuesday.

Fastnachts are available Monday, February 27th and Tuesday, February 28th.

Maple Donuts offers a variety of fastnacht flavors including; glazed, powdered sugar, and jelly-filled.

To pre-order, call one of the 4 Maple Donuts locations:

East York 717-757-7826
St. Charles Way (South York) 717-747-9147
Maple Village (Rt. 30 West York) 717-843-4276
Valley Green (North York) 717-938-5544

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