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Rebuilding begins as parts of York County recover from tornado

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WRIGHTSVILLE, YORK COUNTY, Pa. -- Saturday's storms caused extensive damage in several parts of York County.

The National Weather Service confirmed that one of the storms was an EF-1 tornado.

Some are already acting quickly to rebuild what was lost in the storm.

The storms had many on edge over the weekend and even though the weather was calm Monday, yet there's no rest for the weary in Wrightsville and nearby Hellam Township.

The damage is done as many figure out where to go next.

Ken Wakeling said "we're back in our house, that's the big thing. Stayed at a hotel for two days, no power, no water."

Wrightsville Fire & Rescue Chief Chad Livelsberger said "volunteers are just strained, it's been 72 hours with a lot of us only getting maybe four hours sleep."

Pat Estel's Wrightsville home has survived nearly two centuries, but his fence was no match for the powerful winds.

"Ten sections of fence blew over right here, it was just incredible, it was scary, it was really scary," Estel said.

Estel wasted no time putting the pieces of his life and fence back together.

"I'm tired of walking the dogs already. I walk them every day anyway, but doing 4 o'clock in the morning and 10 o'clock at night, is getting old," Estel said.

While the owners of a Hellam Township farm house and barn also are quickly making repairs . They hope to have a new roof installed before the chance of rain strikes twice.

In Wrightsville, the winds were strong enough to knock a church bell off its perch.

"To have it shift and move like it did, you're talking serious winds," Livelsberger said.

Considering the damage, some say its almost a miracle no one was hurt.

"They stayed intact, so i count my blessings, i'm very lucky," Estel said.

"Shock and awe, there's a lot of damage, almost looks like a war zone in some places," Livelsberger said.

"We try to comfort the families that you run into, and let them know, anything that they need let us know," Livelsberger added.

As many assess what needs to be rebuilt, many also are glad the worst is over.

"Great, are you kidding, awesome, yup, now I can sit in my recliner again, I miss my recliner," Wakeling said.

"It was unbelievable. I've been through some storms before, some hailstorms and stuff, this is definitely the worst storm I've seen in my life," Estel said.

Wrightsville's fire chief tells us they had 25 volunteers out on the streets during the storm but that they were prepared to take shelter in the fire hall's basement if they had to.