President Trump’s speech to Congress

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Trump will step up to the speaker’s rostrum after five weeks in office, in which he has started making good on his election promises but also stirred up some controversy.

So far there is little sign that the President’s legislative agenda, which includes repealing and replacing Obamacare, a big tax overhaul, and a trillion-dollar infrastructure program, is anywhere near coming to fruition. T

What to watch for in Trump’s address to Congress

He is under pressure to issue marching orders for Republicans who have been attacked in their home districts over a lack of specifics about key planks of the Trump agenda.

So far, there are no concrete plans on the table to provide Americans with a workable alternative to the Affordable Care Act.

The President will also signal action on another key piece of his agenda — tax reform.

Trump aides are promising an “optimistic” speech designed to rally Americans toward a hopeful future, and say the President’s topics have been influenced by a series of “listening” sessions he has held in his first weeks in office with business executives, union leaders and blue collar workers. The President plans to talk directly to the country and stress the need to solve “real problems for real people,” a senior administration official said.


In the first details of his forthcoming budget unveiled on Monday, Trump gave notice of a 10% spike in defense spending to be financed by steep cuts at other government departments and a reduction in foreign aid.

Trump will also highlight his nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court when the first lady is joined by Maureen Scalia, widow of Justice Antonin Scalia who Gorsuch will replace if he is confirmed.