Police commission talks funding in effort to keep Southern Regional PD together

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NEW FREEDOM, Pa. - Two York County communities are threatening to break away from the Southern Regional Police Department, and in response, the police department is hoping a way to divide resources will make everyone happy.

Both Glen Rock and New Freedom have issued their intent to withdraw by the end of the year.

Police administrators are working on a way to allocate their officers based on what the different boroughs are willing to pay.

But the police commission, comprised of the four full-time member boroughs, still has plenty of questions.

The Southern Regional Police Department provides public safety to six boroughs in southern York County.

Resident opinion in both of the breakaway communities is mixed.

“I think they're pretty good,” Cliff Carlton of New Freedom said. “If you need something, I know I've called one time and they got to me right away so I appreciated that very much. Overall, from what I know, I think it's pretty good.”

Others would like to see something new.

“It's cool, I see a lot more state around here anyway, I thought they were going to do that in January,” Kyle Chassereau of Glen Rock said. “I heard rumors about it or something like that, but I still see Southern Regional [out here].”

The police department and Smeal are recommending the member boroughs purchase so-called police protection units. For a borough, that's essentially paying directly for the amount of service they receive.

“When a municipality would drop out, funding changes, manpower changes, the safety of the community changes,” Southern Regional Police Chief James Boddington said. “It's my understanding everybody is pleased with the police service; it's just how they pay for it they're having a problem with and they want to work on it.”

Police commission Chairman John Trout and vice-chair Jeff Halapin declined comment to FOX43.

In the cases of Glen Rock and New Freedom, borough leaders have said in the past they want a decision to move forward by this summer, because they need time to proceed with the next step if they leave the department.

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