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Ambulance Services in Pennsylvania ‘in crisis’

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HARRISBURG, Pa. - Members of the Ambulance Association of Pennsylvania say there is an EMS crisis in the state. Since 2004 there has not been an increase in medical reimbursement rates. Despite not being reimbursed fully ambulance services are required, by law, to respond to calls regardless of a patient's ability to pay. Members of the AAP testified in front of the House of Representatives Veterans Affairs and Emergency Preparedness Committee on Tuesday. The Association is asking for a 50% increase in medical assistance funding in this year's state budget.

"If we don't fight nobody will and the system will deteriorate to nothing so, we have to be here. We have to fight for this funding and we have to preserve the funding for the future; for those who take over our services," said Tim Hinchcliff from Burholme EMS in Philadelphia.