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Online retailers illegally sold toy guns through Amazon, New York AG says

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Online retailers broke the law when they sold toy guns through Amazon, and now they have to pay, the New York attorney general says.

Attorney General Eric Schneiderman reached settlements with seven online retailers who agreed to pay $44,000. The announcement brings to 42 the number of retailers who have agreed to settle with Schneiderman.

Many of the toy guns were in realistic gray or black, with stocks that look like wood. Any toy gun sold in New York must be bright orange or purple, or some other color that clearly identifies it as a toy, Schneiderman said.

One retailer, called Dentt, was the biggest offender and agreed to pay $20,000, Schneiderman said. Another, called Kids Army, agreed to pay about $4,200. Its website offers a selection of military-themed toys like camo sniper suits, AK-47s, AR-15s, zombie survival kits and “bullet ejecting” toy rifles.

Those retailers did not return messages from CNNMoney. Amazon also did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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Schneiderman said New York state law prohibits the sale of “imitation weapons,” including toy guns that look real. He said the companies acted as third-party retailers selling through Amazon.

“We have seen all too often the tragic consequences that can arise when toy guns are mistaken for real ones,” he said.