Live & Local: Lititz provides quaint historic charm

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LITITZ, Pa. – When you walk around downtown Lititz, it’s hard to ignore the towns historic charm.
“One of the many claims to fame is we actually have more originally standing structures than Williamsburg, Virginia,” explained Cory Van Brookhoven, the Lititz Historical Foundation.
Lititz was founded in the mid-1700’s after the town was settled by people of the Moravian faith. Van Brookhaven says it’s the oldest Protestant denomination in the world. It’s from the Moravian faith, that Lititz got its name.
“Lititz is a Czech name,” explained Paul Miller, the Mueller House. “There was a castle in what is now known as the Czech republic where Moravians were given safe haven and it was taken after that name.”
Today, signs of the towns Moravian history still remain.
“The church is still active, there’s a Moravian archive museum, the architecture is from the 1700’s and unlike it was then, it’s an open community and an open church and everybody is invited to attend,” said Van Brookhoven.
Lititz officials say its history maintains the towns small town charm, but doesn’t stop them from continuing to lead the town forward in a modern way.
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