Live & Local: Wilbur Chocolate brings a taste to life in Lititz

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LITITZ, Pa. – During a time when you can buy chocolate almost anywhere, in Lititz, Wilbur Chocolates is the place to be.

“We have a fabulous chocolate product, we have a lot of people who eat Wilbur chocolate more than they think they do,” explained Amy Weik, Cargill Cocoa and Chocolate.

The chocolate store, best known for its iconic ‘wilbur bud,’ was established in the late 1800’s starting as a confectionary store in Philadelphia. Years later, it grew and moved to the small, heart-warming town of Lititz in Lancaster County.

“The company decided to become an industrial manufacturer for the food and confectionary industry making chocolate from the cocoa bean, sourcing that ingredient and producing chocolate as an ingredient for other candy makers to make candy,” explained Weik. “So they moved away from confections and moved to Lititz around 1930.”

Since 1930, the company has grown tremendously to become an iconic and recognized part of the town.

“I think it’s the quality,” said Weik. “It’s the idea that we have a rich history, we understand chocolate and we are masters of our craft.”

The store is now located across from it’s original factory store right across the street on N. Broad Street which closed in 2016.

“Cargill made a wonderful acquisition to our business so that we could continue to provide the demand that our customers across the country and North America wanted from us,” said Weik. “We acquired some new facilities so that facility was closed but everything was transferred to our new facilities.”

Despite the factory closing, the store remains a major part of the Lititz community.

“There’s such a rich history here that it’s important for every generation to kind of step up and take over the reigns and make sure that we are thriving,” explained Weik. “To have the support of the community for our business to stay here, Cargill recognized that and we’re so thankful for that.”

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