Truck drivers and PennDOT working to combat sex trafficking in Pennsylvania

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LANCASTER, Pa. - According to researchers sex trafficking is a $32 billion industry a year worldwide.

"It's a huge issue in Central Pennsylvania, Lancaster County is what we call a pass through state. (It's) Easy for these traffickers to bring these women in and through the area and easy to get out," said Pam Pautz, executive director of North Star Initiative. North Star Initiative is a nonprofit based in Lancaster County that helps sex trafficking victims. 

PennDOT and truck drivers are working together to stop sex trafficking.

"The trucking industry is a great industry to target. You have to understand the mindset of a trafficker. When they pull up to these trucking stops and truck locations it is multiple clients, potential clients in one area," said Pautz.

PennDOT is now distributing wallet cards to CDL holders and applicants at its Driver License Centers. On the cards is information about how to report a tip to law enforcement when suspecting human trafficking activities. Drivers are also given the number to the National Humane Trafficking Resource Center, 1-888-373-7888. By calling the number drivers can leave a tip and the proper authorities can get involved.

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