Man sentenced to 20 years; shot 32-year-old who called him “young bull”

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LANCASTER, Pa — A man will serve up to 20 years in prison for shooting a 32-year-old man who called him a “young bull” in December of 2015.

According to the Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office, William A. Clark, 23, plead guilty to a felony charge of aggravated assault after a shooting that happened on December 27, 2015. Clark will serve10 to 20 years in prison, in accordance with his plea deal.

Clark, shot the 32 year-old victim after he left a corner store on the 100 block of South Marshall Street and walked to his vehicle. Witnesses say the victim called Clark a “young bull”. Enraged by the comment, Clark threatened the victim, then returned and shot him in the arm and leg. He suffered from non-life threatening injuries.

Lancaster City police Detective, Tom Ginder filed charges.