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PennDOT prepares for snowstorm expected to sweep through Central Pa.

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HARRISBURG, Pa. -- PennDOT officials are preparing for the worst case scenario on the roads Monday night into Tuesday.

The roads are expected to be covered in snow overnight, but the amount of snow is not going to stop PennDOT workers from doing their best to keep them clear.

Fritzi Schreffler, a PennDOT spokesman, said, "We are going to do our best to keep at least a lane passable. Obviously there's emergency responders, there's the media, there's a lot of people who have no choice but to go to work. And that's who we are out there for at that point."

PennDOT officials are asking people to stay off the roads once the storm hits until Wednesday if possible.

Schreffler said, "We have a very large blind spot when you're up on these trucks, and we get a lot of motorists who want to pass us. Especially if you're passing on the righthand side. That's where they have wing plows and the regular plows throw the snow off to the side so it's dangerous."

She said they are preparing for the worst-case scenario in Central Pennsylvania and making sure they have plenty of salt in their trucks.

Schreffler said, "Well we're on shift right now which means 12 hours on, 12 hours off. The guys have been out today checking equipment, making sure everything is in good working order. Chainsaws, the trucks, everything that we might need for the storm."

She said this expected snowstorm is different than previous ones because the conditions could even be unsafe for PennDOT drivers.

"The difference about this one might be that instead of 1-2 inches of snow an hour, we might be looking at 2-3 inches. If it's closer to that 3 inches an hour and blizzard-like conditions we actually have the right to pull our people off the road for their own safety as well."

Schreffler added PennDOT workers are taking this snowstorm very seriously.
"Even though it's late in the season and everybody was kind of looking forward to spring, it's still winter for PennDOT, so our guys will be out there doing their best, and we just want people to be patient," she said.

The speed limit will be reduced to 45 mph starting at 10 p.m.