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Poll: What are your snow day necessities?

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Ready or not, here comes another winter blast, which is expected to land a punch in Central Pennsylvania.

A deceptively calm Monday afternoon will transform this evening into a landscape of snow-covered roadways and roofs. Snow is anticipated to accumulate fast starting around 10 p.m. to midnight. FOX43 News meteorologists are predicting one-to-two inches of snow per hour, especially in the east and northeast of our viewership. Snow and blowing snow is expected to continue until about noon before it begins to taper. 

Some mixing is possible east, but not enough to put a major dent in anticipated totals. Snow tapers and ends from noon Tuesday through 4 p.m. Most will see 10-to-18 inches of snow, but 18-to-22 inch amounts are not out of the question where the heaviest snow bands align.

This weather prediction is a guarantee. Many Central Pennsylvania residents ventured to grocery stores over the weekend in preparation of the storm, and dozens of businesses, municipalities and schools Monday have already confirmed closings.

As a heavy blanket of snow grounds travel to a halt, we all have different approaches to snow days.

What are your snow day necessities?