Lancaster County woman says police are targeting her family after arrests

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LITITZ, Lancaster County, Pa.– A Lancaster County woman is speaking out, and plans to take legal action, after her family was recently arrested. Michelle Stauffer of Lititz, says she, her husband, and son are being targeted by the Lititz Police Department.

According to Stauffer, the department has been focused on them ever since an incident last year. She says in December 2016, officers responded to her residence for a disturbance. While police were inside her home, Stauffer says she was told to “sit down and shut the f*** up.” Stauffer says refused and was arrested. She says ever since that incident, her family has been sought out, harassed by officers and have been pulled over repeatedly.

On March 15, 2017, Stauffer’s 18-year old son, Bailey, was arrested for Fleeing or Attempted to Elude a police officer. A press release issued by police on Saturday stated that an officer tried to stop Bailey’s car for a traffic violation, at the intersection of North Cedar Street & Leaman Street just after midnight. Police say the teenager did not stop and fled from the officer. The officer discontinued the pursuit, however, Stauffer was later located and taken into custody.

Bailey Stauffer

At that time, charges were also filed against his parents, Eric and Michelle Stauffer. Police say the couple tried to conceal their son’s location. They are charged with Hindering Apprehension.

Michelle Stauffer tells FOX43 she feels this was an act of retaliation stemming from the December 2016 incident. She plans to file a lawsuit against the entire Lititz Borough Police Department.