50s & 60s this week!

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Even though we get the sun back in full force Sunday afternoon, the cloudy skies return Monday afternoon.

GOODBYE SNOW: Did you get snow overnight?  Some of us in York, Cumberland, Franklin, Adams, Perry, Juniata, and Mifflin Counites got a bit more than a coating.  With that out of the way, you won’t see anymore snow for the rest of March.

SUNNIER SUNDAY: Even though we started out cloudy, the sun quickly broke through the clouds.  Enjoy those sunny skies this afternoon as highs reach the mid 40s.  We’ll start Monday morning sunny, but then clouds take over in the afternoon, and we’ve got grey skies again.  Highs do reach 50, though!

You’ll want the sunglasses Sunday afternoon.

TRACKING SHOWERS: Even though we start Monday sunny, we turn cloudy in the afternoon.  Late Monday evening, right after rush hour, scattered showers will spread from west to east.  We’ll have the scattered showers until a few hours before daybreak.  With the showers still nearby on Tuesday morning, we’ll start out cloudy.  Then, like our Sunday, the sun starts breaking out.  We’ll get nice and sunny in the afternoon.

You’ll need the umbrella Monday night, but Sunday through Friday day are dry.

UP & DOWN TEMPERATURES: We’ll have another high of 50 on Tuesday, then highs drop to 42 on Wednesday.  The wind chills on Wednesday will make it feel in the 30s.  After highs climb up to 48 on Thursday, they keep going: we get 54 on Friday and 60 on Saturday.

60s return in the 7-day.

TRACKING THUNDERSTORMS: After a dry Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, we’ll get scattered showers and thunderstorms Saturday afternoon as a cold front crosses.  We do see some sun Saturday morning.

-Meteorologist Drew Anderson