British politicians tweet through their lockdown in Parliament

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British lawmakers were locked down inside Parliament on Wednesday as a frightening scene unfolded outside.

A woman was killed and scores of others were injured in an attack just outside Parliament on Westminster Bridge.

Members of Parliament took to Twitter to post messages and updates to the outside world.

George Freeman watched the Metropolitan Police coordinate the lockdown, touting them for their “incredible bravery.”

Several members of Parliament also turned their attention to the emergency personnel putting their lives on the line.

“The news coming in from Westminster attack is chilling. My heart and prayers go out to those affected and to our brave emergency services,” Jim McMahon said.

Showing another view, Barry Sherman posted a photo from inside Parliament to Twitter, saying, “ALL LOCKED UP IN chamber!”

While others were staying put, Labour politician Jonathan Reynolds rushed to the day care center in Westminster Palace to see his 2-year-old son, Seth, as panicked scenes unfolded outside Parliament.

“Thanks for messages. Not able to speak to anyone at present but we’re doing okay here. Thoughts and prayers with those most affected,” Reynolds said via Twitter.

Even while locked down, some members of Parliament turned their attention to those most affected: the victims.

“All of our thoughts are with the people who have been injured in this attack outside Parliament on Westminster Bridge, and our hearts go out to them and to their families at this really, really difficult time,” Hilary Benn said.

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