Harrisburg Police to soon begin issuing summary citations for marijuana possession

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Marijuana joint

HARRISBURG, Pa. – Harrisburg Police soon will begin issuing citations for summary offenses for possession of marijuana, Mayor Eric Papenfuse announced on Wednesday.

“Police officers are beginning training tonight, and it will take at least a week before all officers are trained,” Mayor Papenfuse said.

The Mayor and Chief of Police Thomas C. Carter thanked the Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts for expediting the process to have the new law take effect.

Last July, City Council passed an ordinance changing the penalty for possession of a small amount of marijuana from a misdemeanor to a summary offense. Police confirmed today that the court system was ready to begin receiving the new charges.

Although the new ordinance had not taken effect as of yesterday’s City Council meeting, the Mayor released statistics showing that far fewer charges had been issued for marijuana possession in recent months than in the previous year.

“The police are focusing on more serious issues, such as the epidemic of gun violence,” Mayor Papenfuse said.

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