Be Well: Monitoring food intake is a great way to improve wellness

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YORK, Pa.-- You are what you eat is how the old saying goes.

In this week's edition of Be Well, Mindy Quesenberry and Marcella Cucchiara from MyFitnessQuest, are stopping by to discuss a three month program that can help transform your wellness.

FOX43's Amy Lutz is participating in the program as well.

This is how Amy's journey is unfolding:

Session One:

● Discussed key concepts including Bioindividuality and Crowding out

● Discussed goals and challenges

● Strategies to work on included: 1. Adding in three meals to balance blood sugar  2. Add in green smoothie

Progress After Session One:

Amy reported:

1. Flatter stomach, less bloating

2. Better sleep

3. Pain free

4. More mindful of food choices

5. 6 pound weight loss

6. Better energy and mood

Session Two:

● Continue journaling as this helps with mindful piece

● Begin healthy swaps by reviewing my Healthy Food Chart

● Get creative with new smoothie recipes (provided Amy with copy of my Smoothie ebook)

● Begin meal prepping and planning

● Scheduled grocery store tour

For more information, you can check out the Eat Clean Live Big website here.

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