Business raising money to send homicide victim’s remains to Guatemala for burial

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EAST LAMPETER TWP., Pa. - Workers at Living Stones Masonry on Pitney Road are raising money for the funeral costs of a Providence Township man shot to death earlier this week who worked at the shop.

Hugo Hernandez-Garcia worked as a manufacturer there for the past six months until he was killed early Wednesday morning at his home. A person of interest in the case is currently under arrest on an unrelated case.

Colleagues have started a GoFundMe page in the hopes to send his remains to his native Guatemala for burial.

"He always showed up on time, the kind of guy that brought joy to a place, always had a smile on his face," Robert Schoonover, one of the co-owners of Living Stones, said. "He would do hard, hard work and never complain."

One moment with Hugo stood out for Schoonover. It happened the day before Hernandez-Garcia died.

"He knew I didn't have food, [and] he actually walked down food from the manufacturing plant and I was in a two-hour meeting and he saw that it was emotional," Schoonover recalled. "He set the food down for me, and just in a respectful way, kind of backed out of the office."

It was a moment that Schoonover says showed him the kind of man Hernandez-Garcia was: someone who showed kindness and worked harder than the stones he shaped to send money back to his extended family in Guatemala at great personal sacrifice.

"They send back their money to their families, so he has brothers, sisters, [a] mother that they're taking care of," he said. "They live on very little and they work very hard and I respect that."

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